ServPro Makes Employee Wellness a Priority


Dane Fitness worked with the staff at ServPro to outfit their newly built facility in Gallatin, TN with a fitness center for its employees. The company joined ranks with some of the states top employers who've taken a direct interest in employee health and wellness.

Servpro provided lots of extras for their employees such as lockers, showers, etc. to make the experience of getting fit easy to do at work. 

Dane worked with the company to find a suitable product line to meet both their budget requirements and usage concerns. High end, quality commercial equipment that was refurbished was selected.  

Our staff worked closely with their construction team to ensure that the right electrical, ventilation and ADA requirements would be met.  

Dane also provided extensive training including maintenance and product upkeep, proper usage, fitness training and a safety video. 

Project Details


  • Location: Gallatin, TN
  • Brands Provided: Precor, (see below)
  • Services provided: Equipment sales, installation, maintenance, training, safety video and service and PM
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

Here's the Product Lineup:  

  • Precor 956I treadmill
  • Precor 546 elliptical
  • Precor 846i recumbent bike
  • 10 pair dumbbell rack
  • 5-50lb rubber hex dumbells 
  • XMark FID adjustable bench
  • Versatube resistance bands (1 light, 2 medium, 1 heavy)
  • Bosu balance trainer
  • Power med balls with rack (4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb)
  • Versaball stability balls with stackers (2-55cm, 2-65cm)
  • Physician weight scale
  • Leather jump ropes