Research shows that corporate wellness centers pay big dividends. A place on site where employees can get fit (and stay fit) has been proven to boost morale, decrease absenteeism, increase productivity, and lower healthcare premiums.

Those are returns on investment that CEOs love.

Don’t scrimp on equipment

  • A mistake some companies make is cutting corners on the quality of equipment. We understand—commercial equipment costs more. But you don’t want to offer your employees equipment that breaks easily or that doesn’t have that high-end feel they have experienced at the best fitness clubs.
  • We sell and service the commercial brands known for reliability, performance and long-term value. 
  • We also offer refurbished and used commercial equipment, so you get the commercial quality for much less. 
  • Our in-house technicians deliver, install, maintain and service the equipment.  And we train your employees in how to use the equipment safely and properly. 

Just add motivation: 

  • Making a fitness center available to your employees is only part of the solution. They need the motivation to get in shape through exercise and eating right. We create programs that suit your company culture and we provide enthusiastic coaches to get everyone on board.
  • We emphasize the benefits of wellness through fun incentives, games and contests. Our programs are designed for any fitness level or ability.
  • Our goal is for your employees to achieve lifelong wellness through healthy eating and enjoyable exercise.

Share Our Steller Story with Your Employer

Employees who participate in our wellness programs do not leave.
— Nelnet
Wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million on health care costs over the past decade; from 2002 to 2008, the return was $2.71 for every dollar spent.
— Johnson & Johnson
57% of people with high health risk reached low-risk status by completing a worksite cardiac rehabilitation and exercise program.
— Doctors Richard Milani and Carl Lavie
H-E-B estimates that moving 10% of its employees from high- and medium-risk to low-risk status yields an ROI of 6 to 1.
— Harvard Business Review
People who are 20% overweight or more make 48% more claims in excess of $5000 than those who are not.
— Vanderbilt Health