Fit kids are smart kids. Or is it the other way around?

Either way, recent studies have shown that students who are physically fit academically outperform students who are not physically fit.

This summer, Dane Burks & Co. Fitness is helping bring fitness to some very smart kids at MLK Magnet School in Nashville. 

Dane Burks & Co. Fitness and the YMCA of Middle Tennessee are working together to install a fitness center at the academic magnet school. The school’s previous fitness center was outdated and unsafe, according to Dr. Tina Bozeman, PE and Wellness Teacher at MLK Magnet School.

Dr. Bozeman returned to MLK this year after spending a few years in administration. “When I got back I assessed the weight room and was devastated to find that much of the equipment was broken, unsafe, and the space was too crowded.”

She decided to call on her old friend, Journey Johnson, CEO of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. That contact led to Journey’s friend Dane Burks.

“And what developed was an amazing partnership and friendship among Dane Burks and Journey Johnson and our school,” said Dr. Bozeman.

After looking at the existing fitness center and equipment, it was agreed that a bigger space was needed as well as upgraded equipment. 

MLK principal Dr. Shunn Turner made available a new space that was twice as big as the old center. Said Dr. Bozeman, “She embraced the vision of Journey Johnson and Dane Burks to provide a healthy, safe place for students.”

When school starts this fall, the students and faculty will find a renovated space, with new flooring and like-new equipment, all donated by Dane Burks & Co. Fitness.

Burks said that helping the school matches his company’s mission to bring lifetime wellness to individuals. “My philosophy is that we should want to help schools and want to make kids healthier,” said Burks. “So when we got a chance to work with Dr. Bozeman, we jumped at the chance.”

Dr. Bozeman and Dane are both enthusiastic promoters of lifetime wellness. Dr. Bozeman wants to instill being physically fit in her students so they carry the desire into adulthood. “I want to provide my students with knowledge and skills to be fit for a lifetime.”

Prepping the pieces for the new wellness facility we are working on for MLK Magnet in Nashville. 

At J. Priddy Upholstery in Hendersonville, TN finalizing color selection and details for the new padding for the strength equipment.