Dane Eats Humble Pie

Dane Burks took on his Facebook fans and dared anyone to outwalk him during the month of May. And he lost. But not because he sat on the couch. In his daily work selling, servicing, installing and moving fitness equipment, he walks a lot. During the month of May, he averaged three miles of walking per day, well over 200,000 steps total for the month. Not good enough, though.

Dane was bested by Christopher McClintock of Brentwood, TN. Christopher averaged five miles of walking every day. His monthly total was an astounding 351,000 steps—that means in a year at this pace he would top four million steps.Christopher’s dominating performance won him the grand prize of a refurbished commercial treadmill valued at around $7K.

Second place was taken by Jerry Swehla who averaged 13K+ steps a day. And congrats to Sandy Crain who came in 3rd with an average of 9K+ steps a day.

The truth is, says Dane’s wife, Deanna, the contest was designed to get as many people enjoying the benefits of walking as possible. “If you look at it that way,” says Deanna, “everyone who participated won. Incuding Dane!”

Dane Burks & Co. Fitness plans to sponsor the contest again next year. Deanna says they have no choice. “We have to for two reasons. We want to get people going again. And Dane wants a rematch.”

Kristin WilsonComment