Community Giving

It’s that time of year when we receive a lot of requests from local schools to provide assistance with their wellness programs. Our goal is to provide assistance to one school annually. 

How do we decide who we’ll provide assistance to? 
Dane Burks & Co. Fitness believes that when people are educated about the benefits of being fit, they will make it a priority the rest of their lives. We applaud communities, groups, and schools that are making sure every person has access to programs and equipment that help them achieve fitness.

To that end, we have chosen to focus our support on the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, a leading nonprofit dedicated to meeting community needs and giving more than 329,000 of our neighbors—nearly half of them kids—the chance to learn, grow and thrive.

In certain circumstances, we collaborate with the YMCA of Middle Tennessee to help schools and community groups in need of fitness equipment. We receive many worthwhile community requests, far more than we could ever support. While we recognize there are many important causes, we must be selective in the ones that we can effectively address.
This year, we have chosen to work with Maplewood Comprehensive High School in Nashville. We are so excited about the opportunity to help such a great school in need. 
Kristin WilsonComment