A Mission Driven Organization

Supporting The YMCA: A Mission-Driven Organization

By Dane Burks

I started my career in Wellness more than 22 years ago in college.  It seems that I have done every job there is in one fashion or another so I can, at least, say I am well rounded.  I worked for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee for eight years before starting my company but continued to be involved in YMCA.  I donated my time as a training instructor for four years after I left and probably certified/orientated 500 people to the Y’s strength training methodology.  

A Long History

The Y instilled in me a desire to give back and try to make a difference in my community.  I was recently invited to be on the Sumner County YMCA advisory board about eight years ago which is a center that is part of the Middle Tennessee Association.  It is a Y that holds a lot of meaning to me because it is in my hometown and I was hired as the Wellness Director to open it 16 years ago.  This year I was offered to be the board chair which to me is an honor and brings me full circle in a way.  It is a 3-year commitment but worth it to me.  

About the Board

We are an Advisory Board, so most important job we have is to promote and tell the Y’s story and mission.  It is an organization that I have been involved with for a long time so telling its story/mission should be pretty easy. I would ask everyone to research the YMCA and ask about its purpose because it is a great organization that provides wellness, safe places for everyone, and helps build strong kids, families, and communities.  

On The Right: One of my recent projects for the YMCA - The relocation of playground equipment from the recently closed Rutherford County Family YMCA to the Sumner County Family YMCA. My staff volunteered to disassemble the equipment and move its new home at Sumner. It makes a great addition to their playground and helps further the mission of strong kids and strong families.