A Mission Driven Organization

Supporting The YMCA: A Mission-Driven Organization

By Dane Burks

I started my career in Wellness more than 22 years ago in college.  It seems that I have done every job there is in one fashion or another so I can, at least, say I am well rounded.  I worked for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee for eight years before starting my company but continued to be involved in YMCA.  I donated my time as a training instructor for four years after I left and probably certified/orientated 500 people to the Y’s strength training methodology.  

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Dane Fitness Offers Corporate Wellness Events

Is your team healthy but tense and ready for a physical challenge? We’ll design a camp that leaves them physically spent but mentally invigorated.

At the other end of the spectrum, we can design a program for those unaccustomed to regular exercise, introducing them to the benefits of eating right and being active. We promise to push them a little, but not so much they’ll miss work the next day.

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The YMCA Offers Hope, Healing for Breast Cancer Survivors

The YMCA's After Breast Cancer program provides comprehensive nutrition, exercise and wellness services free of charge to breast cancer patients and survivors. During the 16-week program, participants receive full access to the Y, a custom wellness plan designed by a Pink Ribbon Certified personal trainer, nutrition counseling from a registered dietitian and encouragement and support from caring staff members as well as fellow breast cancer patients and survivors.

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A sneak peek at our interview with WNAH today.

Tell me how this company got its start. 

Deanna: The company got started out of a need for good service in the industry. Great products were available but service was lacking. Treadmills were down, service would take weeks and customers were unhappy. Dane, who was working for the YMCA at the time, left his job and started out working on Star Trac equipment. Then a week into it, he had a bike wreck and broke his arm.

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When To Retire A Running Shoe

Get tips from one of the world's best distance runners, Ryan Hall. 

 “I know that my shoes could probably handle a couple of hundred more miles before they are worn out, but my health is so important to me that I like to always make sure my equipment is fresh,” he said.

Of course Mr. Hall, sponsored by Asics, does not have to pay for his shoes. Most of the rest of us do, and at around $100 a pair they aren’t cheap. Yet we are warned constantly to replace them often, because running in threadbare shoes may lead to injuries that can take months to heal.

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New School Fitness Center Opens for Students, Faculty, and Parents

 “I get choked up.”

That’s how Dr. Ron Woodard, principal of Maplewood High School, responds when asked to describe the impact of the school’s new fitness center for students, faculty and parents. The new center’s grand opening was April 29, 2013. Mayor Dean and Journey Johnson, CEO of the YMCA, attended the opening along with several other community and business leaders. 

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