equipment, preventive maintenance, & service sales

Sales Terms

As Is, Refurbished and New Equipment

All items that are sold As Is are inspected and considered to be in working condition at the time of sale and will not be refurbished. No warranty will be provided for items sold in As Is condition. Refurbished items are considered to be units that have been thoroughly inspected and any non-functioning essential parts have been replaced. These items are warrantied for 30 days in commercial settings and 90 days for residential settings. New items are those that have not been used previously and come with a manufacturer warranty in most cases. You have been provided information regarding the condition of your equipment: new, as is, or refurbished and you are aware of the warranty available. 

Delivery, Installation, and Shipping

Shipping prices fluctuate daily. Shipping estimates are good for 24 hours and are only estimates from our freight carrier. Your total shipping costs will be the actual shipping charged by the carrier. You may be balance billed for any differences in the shipping quote and actual shipping costs from the carrier, and you hereby agree to pay any such additional shipping costs. Unless your quote indicates installation, no installation service will be provided. 


All approved quotes require a minimum deposit equal to 50% of your total quote to initiate your sales order. The balance due upon delivery. If you choose to purchase from us our policy is that all payments must be received by the date of delivery. We do not make exceptions. 

credit TERMS & financing

We do not offer any terms regardless of company credit, history or other conditions. All orders are COD. If you require additional time paying beyond the date of delivery, you will need to secure your own financing. 

Delivery Date

You will be provided an estimated delivery date for all refurbished and new products. Payment is due by that delivery date. Delays in construction that extend past the delivery date or your project completion dates will not result in deferred terms. Final payment will still be due by the original Quote delivery date. 

All service and preventive maintenance work is 100% due prior to the service being completed. Any fees for parts or additional services will be quoted to the Buyer and will be required to be paid in advance as well. 


If your company is using the professional services of a payments handling company, you must provide proof of our account and/or purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices being setup in advance.  Failure of that company to pay your invoice on time does not relieve you of your obligation to pay us. It is still your responsibility. Our terms are with your company. We will comply with any requests made in advance of any sales transactions, such as purchase order numbers being provided on invoices and sales documents. However if you fail to instruct us, you will still be charged a late fee and it will not be waived. Payment must still be made on the date of delivery regardless of your company policies.


Any additional time we have to hold the equipment will result in storage charges of a minimum $2 sf/day. 


Any invoices not paid on the due date will incur a $100 late fee. If any payment obligation is not paid when due, the Buyer promises to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not a lawsuit is commenced as part of the collection process. 

Acceptance of Terms

I have read and agree to purchase the items listed on the Sales Order/Estimate provided by Dane Fitness and referenced below according to the terms listed above. I further confirm that the details on the Sales Order/Estimate, including but not limited to Date of Delivery, Pricing, Delivery Address, Billing Address, Ship To Address, are accurate. 

For questions regarding this document, please contact us at 615-826-2411