REgarding the tariffs

There's been a lot of talk in our industry and others about the China tariffs and how that affects each of us in our businesses and daily lives. We wanted to share our plans and insights as we enter this new business climate.

Our purchase of new equipment will be affected in some of the lines we carry. Much of the new commercial fitness equipment and parts we carry are made in China or components are made there. As the tariff is expected in increase to 25% in January 2019, we encourage you to order new products now if you are planning new installations or upgrades as this will ultimately affect pricing.

However, we also want you to know that our business is not only based on selling new equipment, but quality reconditioned equipment that is readily available here in the States. We are well known and trusted by companies like Tractor Supply, Saint Thomas Hospitals, and others for our dependable and affordable commercial fitness equipment and service.

With our refurbished line, we are uniquely positioned to make the best of this unprecedented obstacle.

In addition, we support companies who make their products in the United States, like MoveStrong Fitness and Legend Fitness, who create strength products that we've trusted for years for our clients.

In anticipation of the tariff, we are committed to expediting our turnaround time to meet your orders as quickly as possible. We encourage you to take advantage of current product prices and stock up before the end of the year.

If you have an open quote for new product — or you are anticipating a future purchase — we are available to talk with you right away to see how we can quickly serve your needs.


Dane Burks, Founder & President

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Thanks, Dane