Boulder Bag

Boulder Bag

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The DynaBell was the first of free-weight strength training tools to be released by MoveStrong, NOW the ground base Strength Training Bag series are the next tools to bring odd-object strength training to the limelight! The Rhino Bag and Boulder Bag will challenge you in so many ways to lift, flip, throw, drag, grasp, and hoist overhead in developing true real world strength to take on anything or anybody! 

The Boulder Bag is another ground base training tool that offers safer and more scalable strength training with odd- objects. The oversized round medicine ball type bag is made of tough exterior liner to withstand drops, slams, and throws, while a inner padded material lessens damage to the surface and helps avoid injury when in contact with the body. Mimic strongman exercises and lifting techniques of the Atlas and Man Stones without using concrete or steel objects! Some fun and incredibly challenging exercises like:

  • Ground to Shoulder
  • Shoulder to overhead press
  • Bear hug squats
  • Over shoulder drop
  • Donkey kicks
  • Plank knee tucks
  • Floor press

The padded inner material of the bag makes it less likely to cause damage to a surface if dropped onto the floor or on your foot! Proper lifting and maneuvering of large odd-shape objects requires proper technique in order to avoid injury; always consult a professional trainer or coach before attempting any exercises or lifts you are not familiar with.

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