MLK - A Wellness Success Story

Dane Fitness and YMCA of Middle Tennessee teamed to provide a new fitness center for MLK Magnet School, which consists of greater than half economically disadvantaged students.

The idea behind the new center is to provide wellness for students and faculty and staff, not just student-athletes. “This space will be for everyone,” says Dane Burks, owner of Dane Fitness. His company donated fitness equipment and renovated the space.

Dr. Tina Bozeman, PE and Wellness Teacher at MLK, says the new center and equipment will instill being physically fit in her students so they carry the desire into adulthood. “I want to provide my students with knowledge and skills to be fit for a lifetime.”

The student response has been enthusiastic. Bozeman says they hoped for enough interest in one class in personal fitness the first year. “As it turns out, we have enough students interested to have three classes!”

Says Tambi Gocliff, a 9th grader at MLK, “We learned that it’s really important right now to stay fit and stay healthy because that’s going to impact your life later.”

Burks’ vision is for other schools to partner with the fitness industry and bring personal fitness equipment and training into the schools. “I would love it if this caught on and we began to realize the dream of wellness for all.”