Our Sales Terms

Before we move forward we want to share a few things with you to ensure your installation runs smoothly. Please review our terms below and provide your approval a the bottom of the page. 


The Security of Quality

We know that if we put the work in on the front end, what happens after the delivery will be a great experience for our customers. For our local clients, in the rare event that you should need service, we are available. We won't put you off to find your own service company. We stand behind our work. 

For clients that purchase from us outside of our service area, we don't want you to experience the hassle of needing to find a service provider or deal with a dead piece of equipment and the return shipping hassles. We ensure that it's right from the beginning. What you get is a sound piece of equipment. 



Be sure that payment arrangements have been made to ensure that delivery can be made.

  • A 50% Non-refundable Deposit is required for all orders
  • All deliveries, regardless of account type (individual, business, or commercial) must be paid in full prior to or upon delivery.
  • We will take final payment via credit card, check or PayPal prior to or upon delivery. A 3% processing fee will be added to all payments that are made by credit card or PayPal. 
  • If delivery is already in progress and payment is promised upon delivery by check or other form or payment, we will need to reschedule if payment isn't provided. This will result in an additional delivery charge. 

Preventive Maintenance

If you'd like to have us service your equipment regularly, we are happy to provide preventive maintenance. For club owners, it's a no-brainer. Protect your investment. We maintain service records so that in the event you should need to show that you keep your equipment in good working order, we have you covered. 



If you are receiving equipment that requires power, we have discussed this with you. If for some reason, you are not aware of electrical requirements please let us know as soon as possible. Commercial fitness equipment that requires power may have very specific power requirements. We want to be sure that you have sufficient electrical supplies to properly operate the equipment. 



Some equipment, such as MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment, will be mounted to your walls or floor. We like to discuss these details with you to ensure you have the proper structural support to ensure safe installation. Additional reinforcement of walls and floors may be required. This is outside of our service offerings. You may be required to have an outside contractor provide modifications to your building. We will discuss these details up front with you. 

With flooring, we need a workable surface to ensure a good installation. Surfaces with flaws will result in a flawed installation and we will not be able to install floor coverings unless you have an even, level surface.